I’m Titia.  For many years my heart has ached with the dream of living in the African Bush. The bush has long been the place of my heart … the place where I can breathe, find peace and silence.  A place where I can rest in my Creator and the majesty of all He has made.  A place where I can be the best, purest version of me:-).  This year, my dream came true…

Living in the African Bush is a privilege I give thanks for every single day and at last the longing in my heart has been satisfied.  This life is beautiful in its simplicity and I cherish every single day and the surprising, precious interactions I enjoy with the wild animals that co-habitat this utopia I call home.  These are the chronicles of a very ordinary wild child, who sometimes has the sublime delight of zebras on her stoep (patio). I share them in celebration of the exquisite beauty of Africa and our wildlife, and I share them with a deep reverence for the love many others have for the bush.  I also share them because I know that there are others who, like me, long for an uncomplicated life. A life of fresh air, harmonious silences, quality time with loved ones, time to enjoy nature… a life with less stress.  If I am speaking to your heart right now – I invite you to share my journey and I would love to hear about your journey too.

Sadly, a simpler life feels like an unrealistic dream for most people.  For a long time I felt like that.  At 44, I am a Malignant Melanoma survivour who understands how short and precious life is and I am convinced that this change in pace has saved my life.  I’ll never know that for sure, but I do know that I can never go back to my old life again.  There are people who think I “downgraded” and others who think I am just stark staring mad for “giving everything up”!  As you share my journey – you be the judge of that:-).  Just don’t be too surprised if down-sizing and simplifying your life appears on your list too… because sometimes you can only really get your life back when you give “everything else up”:-).Titia

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