New Years Dreams

New Year Dreams. Strictly speaking, they are likely dreams from last year that didn’t come true – yet. Last year was a year of dreams coming true for me. I published three of my books, did my first watercolour painting (if you can call it a painting), and Peter began to really settle in the bush. I intend to build on those three dreams this year, for new dreams to come true…

You see, I think we too often make the mistake of seeing our dreams in isolation when they are actually a progression. One dream’s realisation or failure determines the next dream’s shape, size and timeframe. Kind of like a software update!

The other mistake we make is that we see our dreams only in our own hands. Over the past year, others have carried my dreams to fruition. They have held them gently and respectfully in their hands and treasured them. They have spoken life into them and carried them when I was too discouraged or tired. My 2017 dreams came true, because YOU saw them, believed in them, and participated in them.

So, on the morning of this brand new year, with brand new dreams, I want to say thank you! Thank you for sharing my dreams, and letting me share in some of yours. My prayer for you and me is that we’ll share our dreams this coming year too and that together, we’ll see them come to fruition, according to God’s plans and purposes for each of our lives.

Happy New Year, and let’s have the courage to pursue our dreams:-) #zebraonmystoep #dreams #letitiamatthews

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