A Tribute To A(nother) Fallen Warthog

Last week we had the joy of sharing our little piece of heaven with two very special young ladies who really embraced all that nature has to offer. Unfortunately, the special moments included a sad one too. A few months ago, I wrote about a young Warthog that had to be euthanized in our garden on account of a terrible facial injury. Then, three weeks ago another one came with the same thing, only it was far more advanced. This week, he came to our garden one evening and the Rangers were able to respond while he was still here.

Bianca Cherie Le Mayne and Caryn Marx were deeply impacted by the experience and Bianca wanted to honour the Warthog that died that night in a special way. So she painted him. Half his face is represented in life and the other in a happier life now. His last meal was an apple, and she also lovingly painted flowers to fill in the half of his face that was rotted away following his injury. I think it is so special, and such a beautiful tribute.

Sadly, the ranger informed us that this is the 13th Warthog with similar injuries in just a few months!-(. Hopefully, the person(s) doing this to our precious animals in Marloth will be caught soon. #zebraonmystoep

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