The Beauty of a broken Clay Jar

This morning during worship, we sang a song that contained the words, “I am broken”. I suddenly thought: I am not broken anymore!-) As I thought about that, I saw a picture in my mind of me as a cracked clay jar (no, not a crack-pot!-)…

I knew it represented my life during various seasons. In some places, the cracks were deep and ugly and I felt like God was showing me that because I was cracked and my carrying capacity was compromised, I was constantly being filled up with the love and truth of others. During this time of frequent filling up, the love and truth began to dry in the cracks, and form a very resilient glue.

The glue eventually sealed and healed up my brokenness and reinforced my capacity. As I watched, my jar became transformed into a beautifully weathered vessel with hardened, durable ‘scars’.The scars sealed the gaps until I could retain the living water and pour it out into and over other cracked jars of clay who were leaking and broken.

We resist pain at all costs, but in God’s economy, ‘ALL things work for the good of those who love the Lord and are called to His purposes,” (Romans 8:28). My scars have made my jar stronger despite its vulnerability. I didn’t stay broken forever, because the Grace of God and the love and truth of people who genuinely cared, sustained me when I was thirsty and dry.

I want to thank and honour those who poured living water into and over me in my seasons of terrible brokenness. I also want to encourage those who are feeling so broken that they feel like their jars will never be capable of holding anything of value again, let alone have anything worthwhile to sustain others – God doesn’t work like that (thank goodness!).

I think (and hope) that I have been able to pour nourishing love and truth into the lives of others as well. It is simply a natural, joyful outpouring of the abundance of that which I have received. The Word says we are just jars of clay and I was so encouraged by what I saw this morning – brokenness is not the end… in fact, it is the catalyst for receiving healing glue of love and truth so that we too, will have the capacity to hold (and share) more living water~. Embrace your brokenness and let God lovingly administer the glue!-) #zebraonmystoep #letitiamatthews

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