The Songs of the Winds

Knob Thorn, Windsongs, Zebra on my Stoep, Nature, In the 10 months we have lived in the bush, this is only the second time we have experienced heavy winds. Heavy winds were typical of life on the coast, but hearing this wind that started yesterday and blew through the night, was something of an oddity. The wind blows here, of course, but not for long. The majestic old Knob Thorn tree that has its roots in our front garden, is my favourite tree. Not because there are few other beautiful trees, but because its testimony and its songs have ministered to me in the four seasons we have been here. Whenever it catches the wind or even a light breeze, it whispers a song out over the bush. A lullaby of peace that is beautiful and calming.

As I baked a batch of vanilla muffins for breakfast this morning, the wind howled through the slightly open kitchen window. The howl was in sharp contrast to the gentle cadence of the ‘wooosh’ of the other trees. The window rattled in defiant resistance against the wind and the ensuing howl was sombre and haunting.

It was a moment of revelation for me. I came outside and stood beneath the Knob Thorn and stared up in wonder as she gracefully danced in the strong wind. The contrast between the tree and the window extended beyond the sounds of their wind songs. As the across their paths like a wistful child, both felt her light, playful touch. Both were invited to join in her song and dance as she played hide and seek behind leaves and slid down rooftops. The Knob Thorn, older and wiser, joined in the fun – she has played this game many times before. Her sweet, peaceful anthem testified to this, as she lifted her leafy arms in joyful submission and played in the wind in celebration and honour of the One who created all things. The window was made by man to resist, even deriving its name from the role it was meant to play against the wind. It resisted as the wind buffeted it and carried its mournful howls of objection and resistance across the landscape.

As I watched the Knob Thorn worship in the wind, I realised that too many times in my life I have resisted the winds of change. I have longed for change and freedom, yet when the winds of change blew across my path, I fiercely resisted, even as they pressed a mournful song from my battered heart. How different the outcome was when I embraced the invitation instead. When I willingly, even gladly submitted, everything changed.

Today, there might be a wind of change blowing across your path. Perhaps your heart longs for it, but your mind fears it… As that wind tussles the fringes of your comfort zone, follow your heart. Deep within you, you know whether this is a time for resistance or submission. May you know deep peace and joy in the choice you make.

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