Difficulties of a Dung Beetle

On Monday morning I was hanging the washing out when I noticed a Dung Beetle going about his daily business.  He had just pushed his little investment from a small patch of grass onto the concrete slab outside our kitchen.  Suddenly he could move freely and I thought he must be enjoying the relief of the easier road.

dung-beetleBy the time I neared the bottom of the washing basket, I noticed my hard-working little friend again. He was eagerly rolling his ball with ease – against the wall.  In that moment, I realised that the Dung Beetle’s struggle was not unlike the human experience. We spend our lives longing for an easier road and lighter loads – but is it possible that those seasons are not as meaningful and productive as we imagine them to be?

If anything, the abrasive concrete was wearing his investment down!  Moreover, he was only headed along a very easy journey to one thing – a dead-end.  For him to prosper and grow his investment, he needed to find a road with some dirt.  A road with uneven terrain to help him leverage and push his lot in life to a meaningful conclusion.  I eventually picked him up with his ball and put him in a grassy patch. He spent a bewildered moment surveying his new turf, before making off in the other (dirt-laden) direction, with a stink-speed (no pun intended).

What Path Are You On Today?

Do you find yourself on the bumpy gravel road of life today? Are you struggling to roll your burden, let alone grow its investment potential?  Spare a thought for my energetic little friend.  His testimony encourages me to see the bumpy road with a new appreciation.  Remember King Solomon’s quest for meaning in life? By all accounts, his journey was as easy and abundant as it could be – yet he found it to be devoid of meaning or growth. I am not saying the seasons without a struggle are bad (I’m still a big fan of them), but I am persuaded that the seasons where we struggle to shoulder our loads are where our real growth happens.  Your struggle is not in vain.  I believe the One who created you can reward you with a monumental return on investment for the pile of dirt you are wrestling with today.

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