Is Your Posture Preparing You For a New Journey?

One of my favorite pleasures in my new life in Marloth Park is riding my bike along the dusty banks of the Crocodile River with Peter.  I am always overwhelmed by the beauty of every aspect of the bush – the fresh air, the symphony of birdsong and the ever-changing landscape of creatures coming to drink from the river.  Every journey we make on our bikes is somehow unique and I anticipate them with joy.

During our ride this morning, I realised my posture was wrong. I straightened my back and my grip, and I felt more freedom to breathe and ride comfortably.  As I navigated the bumpy hills, my improved posture helped me to embrace my ride more fully and it occurred to me that posture is critical.  Not just when riding a bike, but in so many aspects of life.  As I write this, I am in an open posture, with my back straight and my arms reached out towards my keyboard – ready to connect with you.  In the car, we sit up, face forward and posture ourselves to face the unfolding journey….

Journey of a Heron
Heron @ Sunset Dam, Kruger Park, South Africa


The thing is: posture is not just a physical stance.  It is an attitude, that positions you perfectly to embrace something new – a new journey, a new relationship, a new challenge.  How often do we cry out for God to open new doors for us, and to put new seasons on our paths? However, we get disillusioned because that doesn’t happen.  I know it may not be God’s perfect time, but we can’t blame Him for everything!  I realised this morning, that sometimes I have not seen or embraced new opportunities because my mental, physical or spiritual posture was closed.  This is a law of science… I don’t know what it’s called or who discovered it, but I do know that I cannot walk through a closed-door and I cannot pour Coke from a bottle with a lid on it (yes, I have tried both at some point and we can just call that blonde science:-)!

What is your posture today?  Are you open to change? Or are you slumped in a closed stance that is making it hard to breathe and see beyond the hill you are climbing today?  If you long to embrace new roads, adventures and experiences, check your posture, take a deep breath and prepare yourself for a beautiful new adventure:-).

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