Home Is Where The Heart Is


We’ve all heard the saying: Home is where your heart is.  This week I rediscovered the truth in this old adage.

Kruger Park Giraffe
Giraffe Feet on Kruger Park Road

We made an expedition to honour the life of a close family member.  Afterwards, we carried on to the coast, that up until 6 months ago, had been home for almost 3 decades.  It was a whirlwind stop of seeing friends and family. To those I didn’t see, please know that it was only because of time constraints and not because I don’t value you.  I was amazed, or perhaps shocked is a more accurate term, by the fact that I felt zero emotional connection with the coast. It was all (and only) about the people.  The geographical location was simply another town, just like any other that we passed through to get there.

Coming home to the bush was entirely different for me. My heart soared at the sights and smells of the place of my heart.  On Tuesday I sat at my desk with my head in a Texan Press Release I was working on, and I looked down.  An unexpected laugh escaped from my lips at the sight of my bare feet, adorned only in sparkles of the red African dust I have come to love so much.

Home is not necessarily your geographical address, nor is it where you sleep at night or store your earthly treasures. Home is the place of your heart.  Where you are at peace – where you feel whole.  In this place of simple  pleasures and unembellished beauty – I have found everything I need, everything I desire and indeed I can testify… home is where your heart is, and my heart – well it now knows where home is.

It is my hope for you today that your heart finds it’s home tooSmile.

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