It’s Not What’s On the Road, but What’s Under the Road…

There are times when things feel like they are at a standstill.  You are pouring in, keeping calm and carrying on, but it just feels like everything is amounting to nothing.  It’s not unlike travelling along the roads in Kruger – sometimes you hit a dead stretch where there is nothing going on.  Or so you think…  You see, over the years I have realised that the Hyenas I see early Lioness paw 2in the morning, actually live under the roads in culverts and drains, invisible by day, but very much present.  I have also seen leopards sleeping under roads in drain pipes on a few occasions.  Crocs and hippos have their own versions of these tricks too and catch many an unsuspecting prey when they suddenly appear from ‘nowhere’.

Last year, when Peter and I were in Kruger for my birthday week, he spotted a paw sticking up in the caramel coloured grassLioness paw.  How he saw it, I will never know, but when I took a closer look, it was clear that he had discovered a lioness lying on her back in the sunshine (the images are zoomed and cropped).  We stayed for a while and she eventually rewarded us with a nod.  It was a lovely sighting for us, but could have been unfortunate for an Impala innocently strolling by.

My point is this.  Sometimes when we think there is nothing going and on and it appears that God has forgotten about us, He may actually be keeping us safe from many unseen dangers that lie in wait along our path.  My theory is that our rewards are ahead, and when we get there, the coast will likely be clear for us to enjoy them to the full.

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