The Heart in Your Hands

Look at your hands.  What do you see in them?  I am not talking about the literal objects, but that which is not readily visible to the human eye…

Today is women’s day in my country.  Women are being celebrated for their beauty and courage – especially in adversity.  Most of all, women are appreciated for their capacity to love. If you are a woman, I would like to honor you and validate your contribution to humanity, and I don’t only mean in growing the population:-).

However, this post is not only aimed at women – it is for every one.

Right now, you hold in your hands the ingredients that will make today a success or a failure.  You hold in your hands the power to make it a happy day, or a sad day.  You might argue that many of those influences are out of your control, and I agree.  What is not outside the realm of your control – is how you choose to respond to those things which you cannot control.  That power far out-weighs everything else.

I believe the most important things you and I hold in our hands today, are not things at all.  They are the hearts of others.  Sometimes oblivious to the power we hold, (and the responsibility that comes with it), we crush hearts instead of cradling them, and then we cover them with the bitter sauce of our words.  I have been guilty of that and if your heart has suffered cruelty at my hands, I want you to know how sorry I am, and I truly covet your forgiveness. Conversely, my heart has been broken to the point where I thought it could never be fixed, but the One who holds so much more than just my heart, has healed it, and along the way, He has poured healing balms over the scars as my heart lay in the hands of others.

Monkey Massage, Kruger National Park

Today, you have the hearts of others in your hands – whether you like it or not.  The question is this – will you be a good steward of those hearts, and nourish them – (regardless of
whether that requires gentleness or tough love), or will you inflict pain and retard their growth?  Only you can decide.



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