The Corrupt Stewards of the Food Chain

On the 15/6/16 I scribbled a writing prompt in my journal.  It read: “Humans are the corrupt government of the food chain – the ultimate poor stewards.”

There is nothing unusual about the scribbles in my journal – I have many of them, sprawled over dog-eared pages in pencil stripes, hastily scribbled between sightings on my Kruger days.  They stay there until their turn comes to inspire my blog posts.  Today was a bit different. Today this little prompt summed up something that I was an eye-witness to – something that I will never ever forget.  Let me tell you why…

Rhinos.  The majestic giants that are an icon of Africa.  Sadly they have also become an icon of the ruthless ability of the human race to slaughter other living creatures indiscriminately to satisfy their greed (and indirectly, sexual desires).  In the last 2 weeks, I was in a traffic jam in Kruger Park where rangers had just made contact with Rhino poachers.  I heard later that they caught them.  Both parties were heavily armed, yet these dedicated men and their dog risk their lives daily in the hopes of saving our Rhinos from the worst creatures walking this earth – Homo Sapiens.

Yesterday I shared a post on my Facebook page – requesting that friends and family donate towards a cause that is VERY close to home… in a neighboring reserve area, that is managed by the local municipality, two (de-horned) Rhinos are slowly starving to death.  The local Marloth Wild Life Fund intervened and have managed to raise support to start feeding the Rhinos, in a desperate attempt to spare them from the same fate that met the female Rhino and her baby that are alleged to have died in a state of severe malnutrition just two months ago.  I was privileged to witness this afternoon’s feeding session and it moved me in ways that can never be undone.  The first feed happened this morning and the small team of VERY dedicated volunteers were deeply saddened by the desperation of the animals, which was almost equal to their appalling physical condition.  The Rhinos were keeping company with some Zebras and a family of malnourished Wildebeest.  Among them, was a very frail baby, who was knocked down in the feeding frenzy, but continued to try to eat where it lay, despite its inability to get up.

I anticipated more of the same this afternoon and braced myself for the worst.  Instead, I had the privilege of witnessing a miracle.  The animals were still huddled together in the same place and looked up cautiously upon our arrival.  Soon they approached the food that was being put out for them and they wasted no time tucking in.  This time the fragile Wildebeest calf was allowed to eat freely, as the animals ate together in relative peace.  It was very special to see them sharing without prejudice – the giants and the tiny ones – bound together in their hunger and desperation – fellow prisoners in a drought stricken, barren reserve, without hope of intervention from those who are their guardians.

This is not a political post.  This is simply one of the worst indictments on the human race.  We have managed to out-do the poachers in their unspeakable cruelty – by trapping animals in a ‘protected’ environment without food or options to find their own food.  My writing prompt, scribbled hastily more than a month ago, is eerily prophetic of this situation – humans are indeed the corrupt government of the food chain.

Today, that indictment was overturned by a small handful of volunteers who could not, and would not turn a blind eye on the plight of these innocent victims.  Their cry for help has been heard by a few more and I am asking YOU to join them in pleading for the very survival of theses precious animals.  PLEASE add your voice and speak for those who cannot!  Please share this plea and donate as much (even if it is only a little) as you can.  I am asking you to ask everyone you know to do the same – the lives of two Rhinos and their stripy adopted families depend on it!  Time really is of the essence!

There is more at stake here too – we have a chance to overturn the horrific indictment on the stewardship of the human race.  It has taken a minority of our species to damage and almost exterminate that which has been entrusted to us, largely because they have gone unchallenged by the majority of the human race.  It’s not too late!!  The reality is that a minority of our species can tip the scales of disaster and turn this around!  Yes – the lives of  our animals depend on what you and I choose to do next, but so does the survival of the integrity of our own species.  What happens next, is up to you and me.  Let’s write a happy ending…

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