The Prize is Hidden in the Thorns

Most people think monkeys are adorable.  I agree. The vast majority, however, think that monkeys are naughty opportunists – I wish I could say this reputation is undeserved, but unfortunately it isn’t.  Living on the coast, monkeys were a (sometimes frustrating) part  of daily life and their cousins in the bush are no different.  We have come home on a few occasions to find that the monkeys threw a wild party at our place in our absence and one day, I even discovered that they had been in my craft stash!  Over the next week, I kept finding glue and other craft tools in the garden:-).

A little monkey in Kruger Park caught my attention the other day – he was perched high up in a thorn tree.  His precarious hold seemed not to disadvantage him at all, as he fed on the fresh green leaves.  I watched him for quite a while, fascinated by his determination to harvest such a juicy prize, despite the security hazards nature had in place to frustrate his victory!Monkey in Thorny Harvest

That little monkey inspired me.  He could have sat on the ground with the rest of the monkeys, idly scratching one another’s fleas and complaining about their woes.  Instead, he took the initiative and risked adversity to win his prize.  The most striking thing about his efforts, was that he was alone.  Do you have your eye on a prize today?  Are there challenges that stand in your way, or are you waiting  for someone else to come and help?  May you be inspired by the courage of the little monkey and his victory over the considerable perils of the thorn tree.

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