Road Closed!

Road Closed

As your weeks starts, is this what you see?  Do you feel like you are at a dead-end and that the road you next anticipated taking, is unexpectedly closed?  If you are anything like me, you might be inclined to some serious frustration and default to spending all your energy trying to force that road open!-).  In Kruger Park, roads are periodically closed for various reasons – sometimes because the road has suffered damage that will in turn cause you some damage.  Sometimes, work could be happening on the road that might cause even more delay and frustration.  At other times, roads are closed to allow rehabilitation of the area, or even for on going experiments. The one thing all these possibilities have in common, is that they will all result in a better experience for you – either by helping you to avoid damage / frustration (or both!), or by ensuring that your future use of the route will be far more pleasant as a result of the current closure.  I suspect it could be the same in life.  As I look back – I am thankful that some roads were closed to me, because they would have caused me a lot of heartache and pain.  Sometimes those roads have been opened at a later stage and the journeys they took me on meant more to me than they ever would have if I had travelled them sooner.  I confess that there were some life journeys I would not have had the capacity to navigate, if I had encountered them earlier.  I will also concede (albeit reluctantly), that sometimes I was so fixated on the closure of the road I WANTED to take, that I didn’t even notice other options that were smoother, quicker and even more beautiful.  So if you feel as though you are facing a road closed sign today, take heart.  I suspect there is something MUCH better in store for you on a different route that is already open(ing)…

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