The Rocks Will Cry Out

I love seeing rock formations.  I can’t get enough of the different colours in their layers and I am fascinated by their shapes and sizes and when I find some with “sparkles” in, I am over the moon!  Steenbokkie[3]There are several passages in the Bible that make reference to the rocks “crying out”.  I have often wondered about that and I haven’t yet encountered a rock that uttered so much as a whisper in my presence!

Stones will cry out - Luke 19.40 - BergendalLast week, on my “Kruger day”, the weather was overcast and the cloud and light combinations gave the afternoon a surreal look.  Clad in the unusual hues, the rocks were revealed in a whole new light too.  Kruger Park boasts some of the most spectacular rock formations I have ever seen (and I grew up in the Drakensberg!)  You see, the rocks in Kruger have a unique character – I love their rounded look – weathered by harsh sun and wind.  I love the way resilient, persistent plants and even trees have grown between the rocks and even on rock faces, against terrible odds.  I am fascinated by the warm oranges, reds and browns that the rocks splash over the landscape and by the secret inhabitants they have folded into their formations.  I have some specific favourites in the park too – and some of them are balanced so precariously that I often wonder if they will still be in the same place when I next return.

Round rocks in the Sabie RiverThis all got me thinking about the bold statement rocks make without uttering so much as a word!  Is it just me, or do they testify to the incredible power of the one who created them?! This silent testimony is too loud for me to ignore and I often wonder how people can say there is no God.  Regardless of your religious persuasions, creation exists and begs the question: How did it get there?  I personally am no fan of the big bang theory – I cannot be trusted in the kitchen all the time and all my “big bang” events have only ended in a huge mess and lots of leaning up (and occasionally a new microwave – until I decided that I shouldn’t own one!).

My aim is not to persuade you to agree with me.  My aim is to have you ask the question for yourself.  It is enough for me that these awesome monuments stand as indisputable evidence of the One who created them and me.  Perhaps there will come a time in the history of the world when the rocks will indeed cry out – I don’t know.  But what I do know, is that every time the cry of the Fish Eagle echoes through the rocks on the river banks, and the gurgling laughter of the stream splashes playfully over the rocky rapids – the rocks cry out – they testify, and it is a beautiful noise.Croc on a rock - Sabie River KNP

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