That Sinking Monday Feeling

Monday morning. Mourning the loss of the weekend and dreading the prospect of the week ahead… perhaps you can identify? I was thinking about this just now, and I realised that right now I am clothed because someone showed up for work to sew them. I am in a warm home because someone kept their commitment to be at work. I would not be communicating with you right now if the people who made my computer had not gone to work!hyena, wildlife, Einstein quotes, Kruger Park, zebra on my stoep
Looking back, I think I dreaded the week because I did not realise the value of the time I was spending – I did not always see the practical benefits of my labours to others. Today, if your heart is heavy as you go to work, be encouraged that you are playing a practical role in the lives of others. I think of parents everywhere – they have the hardest and most thankless of jobs and yet every hero in history was raised by a parent (or guardian) who stayed the course. Conversely, poor parenting has also resulted in some very dark entries in the annuls of history. Today’s image was taken early one morning near Letaba in Kruger Park. This hyena Mommy was so tolerant and adoring as she played with her boisterous pups. It was a delight to watch and I was impressed by her patience straight after she had come off night shift.
Whatever you have to do today, I hope that you will be encouraged by the following:-
a) You are able-bodied and capable today,
b) You are adding value far beyond what you can see or imagine,
c) Your job is not forever, but the fruits of your labours may be.

Thank you for your faithfulness today and I hope you have a blessed day:-)

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