Stars & Stripes…

For the longest time, many of my family and friends have been suggesting that I start a blog.  I began one years ago (bearing the apt but dark title: “Tears From My Pen”) but too often my posts were an expression of the holes the world was burning in my heart, as I witnessed the struggles, challenges and sometimes (too seldom) victories of the most incredible people I had the privilege of meeting.  I look back on that time as one defined by a sense of drowning in the chaos and demands of the world.  I longed for a simpler life – with space to breathe and time to think in silence. Somewhere in the depths of my spirit I knew that I needed the simpler life – not just for a holiday, but for my survival.

Now I am in a new season of my life, one that a very precious friend prophetically predicted was going to be a ‘spacious place’.  Indeed.  A place so spacious that I am blown away daily by the incredible blessings of the uncomplicated life.  For the past 3 months, I have been living my dream – life in the African Bush.  It has exceeded my expectations and continues to daily as I thirstily drink in everything from the unique stripes God painted on each Zebra, to the bright expanse of every shimmering star He intentionally placed in the mesmerising night sky!  From the bird life and trees to the cheeky Zebras that come onto our patio occasionally to see what’s up – my co-inhabitants of this utopia surprise and delight me with their daily visits and profound life lessons.

As I have shared the wonder and delight of these precious moments with others, many have also expressed a longing for the simpler life… perhaps as you read this you can identify too?  If you long for a less complicated life – one with more time for doing the things that you love, with the people that you love; for a healthier life with less stress – if you also carry deep within you an aching longing for a simpler life, I invite you to share my journey.  May it help you to find your own ‘spacious place(s)’ and to slow down and live it up in the healthiest possible way, and may it comfort and encourage you at times when the simpler life if is just beyond immediate reach.

These are the chronicles of my life in the bush.  Thank you for joining me and sharing my journey, and I would love you to share your’s with me too.

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